Walking across sands of the Sea of Cortez, the cool breeze of the East Cape, the calm seas and the warm sun overhead confirm you are Baja angling. You have scanned the the crystal clear water all morning and now you spot a black form moving quickly a hundred yards out...definitely a roosterfish!  No Two...four...five rooster fish..at last! Your heart pounds as they turn towards shore. Here they are, like on a mission!  Feeling a shot of adrenaline you quickly charge into the water, rod high. "Everything has happed so fast" you think casting. Strip......Strip......A velvety black comb breaks water.  He's following...Faster.. strip.strip. The line is rudely jerked from your hand. The hook set is only an afterthought as line screams and a trophy fly fishing fight has begun.  The take is amazing.  Backpeddling and stripping as fast as possible and you lose all control as the line is ripped from your fingers.  At least he's on the reel and taking line. 350 yards of super braid are helping as a third of it is out and still hooked up. You gain higher ground following him down the beach. 

Your opponent is known to be fast, fierce, and exceptionally strong. Your limits may be tested but the rewards are great when Running Down the Man.  Frank Smethurst's documentary was shot at Pappagallo in 2006. The rooster fish guides out of Pappagallo, ( a classic old Baja Style Palapa Grande) aka, the Cabo Pulmo Eco Palapa, can help you join the brotherhood of those who have brought the mighty roosterfish to hand and the help is there to celebrate the event too.