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The World’s Best Beach Fly Fishing For Roosters is on the East Cape, B.C.S. Mexico.

The roosterfish or Nematistius Pectoralis is a world famous, exotic, big game fish found in the Pacific Ocean from Panama to the southern half of Baja California, Mexico. The world record for largest rooster fish ever caught weighed 114 lbs! Their distinctive velvety “rooster comb” dorsal fin of seven long dark spines and strikingly bold body stripes make the roosterfish stand out among the Gulf of California’s astounding biodiversity, once referred to by Jacques Cousteau as “the aquarium of the world”.  Roosterfish are a pelagic species that move inshore on the East Cape in pursuit of sustenance. The roosterfish prey on sardines which in turn feed on plankton and tiny marine life that well up from deep-sea canyons in the Sea of Cortez.

Guests of Trophy Fly Fishing have landed some magnificent roosterfish during their southern migration. A catch and release fish, photographs are the best way to document the roosterfishing experience. Visit our extensive photo gallery to see examples of some of the best beach roosterfish fly fishing in the world, featuring anglers and their conquests. The gallery also features the scenery, wildlife, and activities found around Cabo Pulmo Marine Park ranging from the glowing sunrise to wildlife. Guests, guides, and friends provided many of these photos.

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